an album, which even clearer than the first album, shows Gina versatility as a vocalist. The new album is a mix of soul, rock, blues, country, gospel and jazz in magnificent balance. Gina has a musical presence and nerve in her performance that places her high on the list of Norwegian vocalists in its genre.
The album was recorded in her hometown Os on the west coast ogf Norway, with Orbo as a producer and a handful of Western Norway's most experienced musicians!
Musicians on the album: Bjørn Moe on drums.
Frank Halland and Ole Reinert Berg Olsen on bass.
Tore Kvalvik and Ole Reinert Berg Olsen on guitars and
Reidar Opdal on keys.
Backupsingers: Kristin Bergsvik Skilbrei and Annelise Ringsby.
Hornsection: Michael Barnes - saxophone, Havard Sannes - trombone and Are Ovesen - trumpet.
The two years that have passed since the last release has gone into live performances at clubs, venues and festivals all over the country, and Gina has consolidated herself even more clearly as a solo artist in the Norwegian music landscape. Many now know whom gold throat from Os are, - and even more will hopefully learn that after this album.
Here's the songlist
  1. Drive Like I've Never Been Hurt
  2. Swear By The Rules
  3. I am Your Tambourine
  4. Beyond Here Lies Nothing
  5. Broken
  6. Here He Comes
  7. The One U wanna C
  8. If You Think It's hot Here
  9. Que Sera Sera
10. Under The Spell of The Handout
11. You Never Need Nobody
Produced by Orbo 


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