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ORBO - Songwriter bio

Ole Reinert Berg-Olsen aka ORBO has written songs for numerous projects, albums, bands and artists. "Forget What I Said" was written by ORBO and released by Noora Noor. The main YouTube entry has more than 30 million views and the song is featured in commercials, Idol, and countless cover-versions. He has co-written with Kevin Welch, Jace Everett among others. The main body of work is, however, released under ORBO and the band ORBO & The Longshots.

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"Place to Hide" written by Orbo                                                     "Safe & Sound" written by Orbo




"My Widow" written by Kevin Welch and Orbo                         "Forget What I Said" written by Orbo


"Fine" written by Orbo                                                                     "Evil Friend" written by Orbo and Jace Everett

"Smoke & Mirrors" written by Orbo and Grainne Duffy              "Rock in My Boot" written by Orbo

"Here She Comes" written by Orbo                                               "Ride on Baby" written by Orbo


"Ridin' the Waves" written by Orbo                                                "She Made a Dream" written by Orbo


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